Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does DPMM offer and what are the admission requirements?
The DPMM Program offers Doctoral Degree, Master’s Degree, Professional Master’s Degree and Post-Graduate Certificate Program. Please click on Academic Programs to know more about the degree programs offered. For more information on admissions requirements, please visit the Admissions website.

2. When is the school intake and the application deadline?
Applications for admission are accepted on an ongoing basis. Students are admitted in the August and January semester intakes. To ensure sufficient time for visa processing and other formalities, applications must reach AIT by November 15 for the January semester and June 15 for the August semester. Those who wish to avail scholarships must submit all the requirements before October 15 for the January semester and March 15 for the August semester. For more details on specific application deadlines, please visit the Admission Calendar.

3. How can I apply and/or obtain the application form?
On-line application can be made at: http://www.ait.ac.th/apply. For more information on application procedures including application forms, check the admissions website and download the forms using Adobe Acrobat Reader or, you can also request from our office for the Application forms to be mailed to you.

4. How much is the application processing fee?
For on-line application, the processing fee is US$20 or Baht 800. For application by mail, the fee is US$20 (Baht 800) if application form is downloaded from the web, and US$25 (Baht 1,000) if application form is received by post from the Admissions & Scholarships Office or DPMM.


5. How should I pay for the application processing fee?
Payment must be received to process your application. You can pay your application fee either through credit card or bank draft. If you are paying by credit card: Fill in all information, including the complete credit card number, expiration date and card billing information. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Mode of payment is available in the Admission’s website. Payment by money transfer through bank account is not acceptable.

6. I cannot afford the application processing fee. Can it be waived? Can I pay it after I am admitted?
No. Application processing fee must be received with the application and cannot be waived or postponed. Your application will not be processed without payment of the application fee. Many applicants resolve this by paying through their friends or relatives in Thailand.

7. What is the average cost of living at AIT?
The average cost of living ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 Baht per month (approximately, USD 300 – 500).

8. Do you offer financial support? How do I apply?
DPMM offers fellowships to meritorious applicants very limitedly to cover a small part of the tuition fees only. This fellowship is considered internally following the applicant’s indication in the submitted application.

9. Are there scholarship grants available for international students to apply for?
AIT offers full and partial scholarships and fellowships to applicants, if available from donor agencies. Applicants are strongly encouraged to explore and avail financial support as well from national sources, bilateral aids, and other external grants to supplement and/or support their financial needs.

10. Are there scholarship grants available for the Professional Master’s Degree and Post-Graduate Certificate Programs?
No. Applicants to these programs are expected to secure external funding. It is beneficial to explore and apply for financial assistance from your own company, institution, government or from the World Bank, UN and/or other aid organizations among many others.

11. Who must write my letters of recommendation?
Two letters of Recommendation are required (Form 2). At least one of these must be completed by your former faculty member and the other by your immediate supervisor/employer. Each form must be completed, signed and sealed by the referee him/herself before sending to AIT, otherwise it will be invalid.



12. Is English language proficiency required?
Yes.All AIT programs are conducted in English; thus, you will need to provide proof of English language proficiency such as certificate of English as medium of instruction or test scores of TOEFL, TOEIC, CU-TEP, etc. Applicants with good undergraduate records and minimum scores of at least TOEFL-Internet-based 61/ computer-based 173/paper-based 500; IELTS 4.5; TOEIC 470 are considered for admission, but will be required to attend English classes at AIT and/or should attend the AIT Bridging Program before entry. Those who score less should study English in their home countries until they are ready to apply. Please view the Eligibility Requirements of the Admissions Office for more information. Proof of English may be submitted within a month after the application deadline.

13. If I apply and get accepted this intake, can I defer to the next intake with the same condition? Yes, you can defer your entry until the next academic semester. However, the financial conditions of the admission may change depending on the competitive assessment for the next semester.

14. I wish to reapply and/or shift my application from a different Field of Study (FoS) to DPMM, what is the procedure?
You need to submit the Confirmation on Reapplication form or you may simply inform the Admissions Office by mail or e-mail at admissions@ait.ac.th. Application fee is valid for two consecutive academic years.