Associate Professor Iftekhar Ahmed visits AIT from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Associate Prof Iftekhar Ahmed is visiting AIT for three months (mid-July – mid-October 2023) and is appointed as an Adjunct Faculty in the Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management Program. Drawing on previous collaborations and an MoU with AIT, he is working closely with Associate Professor Indrajit Pal here on research, teaching and engagement activities. The team are also making connections with the work of industry partners such as the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), Bangkok, and other local stakeholders in the disaster resilience field.

Assoc. Prof Ahmed is here on a sabbatical supported by the University of Newcastle’s Special Studies Program (SSP), a program of professional development for academic staff expected to provide benefit to both the University and the staff member. His teaching focuses on policy and social dimensions of disaster risk reduction, disaster resilience and management in the built environment and UN sustainable development goals. He conducts extensive research on disaster resilience, climate change adaptation, participatory development and urbanisation in the Asia-Pacific region. He has written several books, professional reports and many peer-reviewed publications. Recently he was the lead author of the book ‘Disaster Resilience in South Asia’ (Routledge UK, 2020).

On the second part of his SSP for the remaining year, Assoc. Prof Ahmed will be visiting Bangladesh to similarly conduct research, teaching and engagement activities with BRAC University and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The cumulative impact of his SSP is expected to be strengthened collaborations, networks and capacities for all the partners institutions, leading to long-term mutual initiatives and engagements.  

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