10 August 2023 – Dr. Indrajit Pal, Associate Professor and Chair of Disaster Preparedness Mitigation and Management (DPMM), has recently published a book titled “Multi-Hazard Vulnerability and Resilience Building: Cross-Cutting Perspectives”, released by Elsevier.

The book brings together discussion on various multi-disciplinary issues that focuses on Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development. With a focus on various dimensions of existing and future risk scenarios, the book provides concerted efforts of the scientific communities to find new adaptation methods. The book comprises a compilation of 22 chapters contributed by 73 authors from around the world.

Effectively addressing disaster risk reduction and resilience requires the active engagement of a diverse array of stakeholders, ranging from academics and policymakers. “Multi-Hazard Vulnerability and Resilience Building” offers evidence-based, problem-solving techniques from social, natural, engineering, and other disciplinary perspectives. It connects data, research, and conceptual work with practical cases on disaster risk management, capturing the multi-sectoral aspects of disaster resilience, adaptation strategy, and sustainability.

The book’s key features include offering foundational knowledge on integrated disaster vulnerability and resilience building, facilitating the collaboration of disaster risk reduction and resilience experts, policymakers, and practitioners from diverse disciplines, and presenting a collection of case studies that examine disaster resilience and sustainable development through a multi-disciplinary lens.

Link for the book: https://tinyurl.com/35x72ux7

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