Celebrating Dr. Anirban Mukhopadhyay's Leadership in Elephant Conservation by Winning the Prestigious SATELLITES FOR BIODIVERSITY AWARD

DPMM Affiliated Faculty Dr. Anirban Mukhopadhyay has been successfully honoured with a prestigious Satellites for Biodiversity Award by The Connected Conservation Foundation (UK) and Airbus Foundation (France).
Together with the team, Dr. Mukhopadyay leverages a combination of AI and high-resolution satellite data to inform local conservation management of the Asian Elephant

Dr Anirban Mukhopadhyay, AWARD Winner and Project Lead

habitat in Thailand’s Sai Yok National Park. This initiative will create a comprehensive habitat map, identifying at-risk areas and predicting future changes to empower policymakers and stakeholders in establishing sustainable conservation and management strategies.
With the potential to impact both Sai Yok National Park’s biodiversity and its human inhabitants, the outcomes of this project promise a safer future for the region’s wildlife, ensuring that the park remains a haven for its diverse inhabitants.
This project has been made possible through strategic partnerships with The Asian Institute of Technology and the generous support of The Connected Conservation Foundation and the Airbus Foundation.
DPMM is proud of Dr. Mukhopadhyay and his team for leading this commendable initiative. We look forward to celebrating their continued success in preserving and enhancing the beauty and biodiversity of Sai Yok.

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